Can't print because QuickLink III isn't installed?

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Infopackets Reader John M. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I recently had to reinstall AOL. Now when I try to print something, I receive an error message stating that I must install QuickLink III before I can use my printer. I can't print anything now! What is QuickLink III and where do I download it so I can print again? Please Help! "

My response:

QuickLink III is a fax program and may have come bundled with your computer (or you may have installed it at some point in the past). Because Quick Link III is a fax program, it uses a special fax printer driver for decoding received faxes. The reason you are receiving the error message may be because you uninstalled Quick Link III and the fax printer wasn't removed [and is now your default printer], or it may be because the QuickLink III installation has corrupted and is now pointing to a non-existent printer.

At any rate, here's how you can resolve the issue:

a) If you fax with QuickLink 3, try uninstalling the program and then reinstall it. Once the reinstall is complete, go to Control Panel -> Printers, locate your printer model name, right-click it, and set it as the default printer.

b) Uninstall QuickLink 3 entirely, and set your printer model as the default (as described above).

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