Thieves Burglarize Microsoft, Steal Only iPads

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People looking for proof that Microsoft is having a hard time convincing consumers to choose its Surface tablet over the Apple iPad can point to the recent actions of a California cat burglar, who broke into a Microsoft Silicon Valley office and stole only Apple products.

According to reports, the burglar entered Microsoft's Mountain View, California, research and development center sometime during the company's Christmas break (December 19 to December 26, 2012) and stole five Apple iPads worth a total of $3,000.

Reports indicate the thief took two iPad 2s, two iPad 3s, and one iPad 4.

The Apple slate-style computers were reportedly stolen from an office where Microsoft workers build software for Apple products, including MacBooks and iPads. Presumably, that's why Microsoft was in possession of so many Apple products.

Microsoft Products Untouched by Burglars

Thieves reportedly left behind a collection of Microsoft smartphones (running the Windows Phone mobile operating system) as well as some Surface tablet computers.

Word of the theft spread late last week after the Palo Alto Daily Post ran a story under the headline "Microsoft says somebody stole its Apple iPads."

In concluding its article, the Daily Post noted that "No Microsoft products were reported stolen." (Source:

When some technology bloggers questioned the story's accuracy, Palo Alto Daily Post writer Angela Ruggiero took to Twitter, where she tweeted: "So to everyone out there asking, yes the story is very real. Thanks for your interest."

Police Describe Burglary as "Pretty Whacky"

Microsoft has not yet officially commented on the theft.

Mountain View police officer Sgt. Sean Thompson reports that police are reviewing Microsoft's security tapes but have not yet identified any suspects.

When asked what he thought of the crime, Sgt. Thompson simply called it "pretty whacky." (Source:

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