'Windows Blue' Updates Revealed via Leaked Video

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A secret Microsoft video shows us what we can expect from 'Windows Blue,' Microsoft's next major update to the Windows platform. The internal video was recorded at Microsoft's recent TechFest, an annual gathering of Microsoft researchers to discuss their latest developments.

The video first appeared on the independent blog site 'MSFTKitchen'.

Interactive Touch Comes to Windows 8

Among the most important improvements made to Windows 8: better touch capabilities.

In the video, Microsoft's chief technical staff operator, Eric Rudder, says that his team is "really excited to work, now that the next version of Windows is coming, (and) to make sure that we extend touch in even a more dramatic fashion."

Rudder then calls on Charlotte Pereira, creative director of Fresh Paint, to demonstrate the new touch capabilities. Her demo shows Windows 8's ability to capture water colors digitally, mirroring the malleability of the different shades and tints.

Even images captured from the Internet can be projected in water color form (and manipulated with additional brush strokes over the original image), all with the tap of a finger. (Source: cnet.com)

The video's content supports other reports which indicate that Microsoft is determined to improve Windows 8 touch support in the coming years. A recently leaked build shows advanced color, style, and size customization options for the operating system's new 'Live Tile' setup. (Source: cnet.com)

Among the other features expected to come as a result of 'Windows Blue': improved speech recognition on Windows Phones. Windows Phones do have a speech recognition tool currently in place, but an update would introduce better speech identification in noisy situations.

Other reports have indicated that better support for smaller devices (measuring 7-inches and 8-inches) and a built-in Internet Explorer 11 could also come with a Windows Blue release.

Annual OS Upgrades Promised

Windows Blue marks a step in a new direction for Microsoft. Rather than introducing a new operating system every two to five years, the company has pledged to offer yearly upgrades to their established Windows systems.

But, for the time being, Microsoft is keeping quiet about Windows Blue. A company spokesperson stated that "the videos are from an internal discussion, and Microsoft has nothing to share at this time."

However, Microsoft has mentioned the operating system update in at least one previous job listing and references have also been made in a number of employee LinkedIn profiles. (Source: wired.com)

The leaked video can be viewed by clicking here.

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