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Synopsis: Wouldn't it be cool if you could type in a word and have your computer perform a series of functions? With SureType, it's a reality! No matter what you are doing on your computer -- and regardless of which application you're using -- you could just type in word\ (for example), and immediately have Microsoft Word load. Similarly, you could type excel\ and Microsoft Excel will open -- or, you could type in address\ and have your full email address typed onto the screen! With SureType, the possibilities are endless. And don't forget: only when you type the special expansion key after a word will SureType take effect (by default, the backslash is the expansion key, as seen in the above examples).

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With SureType, you'll save oodles of time!

SureType can instantly do four of the most common things you do on a computer:

  • Open any application, file, or folder on your computer.
  • Open any website.
  • Type any common text.
  • Start a new email.

Stop clicking, searching, and re-typing -- get SureType!

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SureType is free to try and $24.97 to buy.

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