Microsoft Unveils Xbox One: Next-Gen TV, Gaming

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Microsoft has officially unveiled the next version of its popular Xbox video game console. But the new 'Xbox One' is a whole lot more than just a gaming system: instead, it's a powerful machine that should draw the attention of gamers and non-gamers alike.

First and foremost, the Xbox One features some impressive hardware specifications. It comes with an 8-core processor, 8GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, USB 3.0 ports, and WiFi Direct capabilities.

Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One comes equipped with a Blu-ray drive, meaning you can finally watch high-definition movies from a disc.

An octacore (8-core) processor will certainly help the Xbox One power gorgeous new games, but it will also allow this console to carry out a lot of other tasks.

Kinect A Core Part of Xbox One Experience

Users will be able to access streaming video applications like Netflix and Hulu. Microsoft has also said that there will be full support for its video chat service, Skype. (Source:

An even more exciting new feature may be the Xbox One's integration with a new version of the Kinect motion sensor peripheral. The Kinect originally shipped for the Xbox 360 a few years ago and so far it's been a successful, though a little trivial, addition to the platform.

However, the Xbox One comes with a completely new Kinect that could change how you interact with your favorite movies, TV shows, photos, etc.

The new Kinect will not only allow Xbox One users to navigate their media library with simple hand gestures, but voice commands will also be a big part of interacting with the console. (Source:

For example, users can activate the console just by saying "Xbox On." From there, they can launch applications with a wide range of voice commands. Microsoft says the system will also be able to differentiate between different users.

Live TV Makes Its Xbox Debut

Microsoft has also announced that the Xbox One will support live television streams, which is a first for a Microsoft console. The Redmond-based firm says users will be able to instantly switch from the Xbox dashboard to live TV simply by saying "Xbox Live TV."

The Xbox One will even ship with a TV Guide feature that shows users what programming is available to them. (Source:

There's still lots to learn about the Xbox One, including its precise ship date and price, but so far the console is shaping up to be a truly all-in-one entertainment system.

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