Nokia's 'Here Auto' Connects Cars with the Cloud

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Nokia is looking to connect automobile drivers with the 'cloud' through a program called "Here Auto", a new in-car navigation platform designed to provide users with real-time navigation data.

Nokia says Here Auto is a dynamic tool that automatically adapts to the location of a driver. For example, if a driver is navigating city streets, the map they see is close to the ground, thereby displaying local parking lots, restaurants, side streets, and other important details.

System Adjusts to Driver Location

However, if the driver exits the city and heads out on an interstate highway, they'll be presented with a much higher-up view -- giving them a long-distance image of the road ahead.

Nokia says the feature is part of the company's goal of providing "the right map at the right moment." (Source:

Here Auto will also provide drivers with constant updates about road closures, inclement weather systems, and approaching detours. It's possible the system could also be used to keep tabs on upcoming local events -- from restaurant openings to concerts.

Mobile App Connects Cars and Smartphones

Here Auto also has its own smartphone application called the Nokia Here Auto Companion App, which syncs information between a vehicle and a mobile device.

That means pertinent information affecting an upcoming journey can be acquired through your smartphone before you even hit the road.

Nokia says its smartphone app can also be used to keep tabs on a vehicle's fuel levels and tire pressure. Users can even unlock their cars using the app and their smartphones.

"We believe that a connected car isn't just about putting a smartphone in vehicles," noted Nokia representative, Pino Bonetti.

"We believe that connectivity creates vast new possibilities for the automobile industry. Here Auto and Here Auto Companion app aim to take advantage of those possibilities and bring our vision of a connected car to life."

Nokia plans to show off Here Auto at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany on September 10, 2013. It's not yet clear when the system will begin appearing in new vehicles. (Source:

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