Microsoft CEO Overcome with Emotion in New Video

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Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer isn't known for keeping his emotions in check. In fact, videos of Ballmer jumping about the stage at various press events can be found all over YouTube.

But this most recent video appears to capture Ballmer in a particularly emotional state. In fact, much of the video features the Microsoft CEO fighting back tears.

The video (which can be seen on YouTube by clicking here) is a recording of Ballmer's recent speech before Microsoft employees. The Verge, which initially provided the video, says Ballmer made the speech last Thursday.

Microsoft "The Greatest Company in the World", Ballmer Declares

The video starts with a visibly emotional Ballmer -- tears streaming down his face -- telling his massive crowd, "You are the greatest company in the world" and to "Soak it in, soak it in."

"This isn't about anything personal," Ballmer continues. (Source:

"It's about this company. It's about a company that's important, that's forward thinking, that's innovative, that's ethical, that hires great people and let's them lead great lives, that helps people around the world realize their full potential."

Ballmer then takes a moment to try and compose himself. In the background, a screen shows the statement: "Microsoft: Can't Hold Us".

Fighting back the tears, Ballmer says "Microsoft's like a fourth child to me. [But] children do leave the house, and in this case I guess I'm leaving the house."

Ballmer's Departing Song: "Time of My Life"

Ballmer then cues a song he feels captures the moment perfectly. "[It's] a song that lets me say 'thank you,'" Ballmer says. "A song that [looks] back retrospectively, and a song that [celebrates] the future."

"The song comes at the very end of a movie when one of the actors gets up on stage and talks about how he likes to do things."

Ballmer's song: "Time of My Life," from the soundtrack for the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing" (starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey).

In the video, Ballmer then proceeds to make his way about the stage embracing friends and Microsoft employees.

Some experts believe this could be Ballmer's last appearance before Microsoft workers. The Microsoft CEO says he plans to leave the firm within the next twelve months. (Source:

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