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Synopsis: Have you ever had to do a repetitive task on a computer (who hasn't)? Have you ever wished that you could record your actions so that you could automate the process? Well, with Ghost Control, you can! Ghost Control is special "macro software" that can record, save, and replay any mouse or keyboard actions you create while working on your computer. Everything you do is recorded: not only mouse and keyboard actions, but also the parameters of any windows environment in the moment of recording. After the job has been recorded, you can then schedule it to run at a later time -- fully automated -- using Ghost Control's advanced scheduling system.

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  • Export to EXE: using the .EXE file export feature, you can transform your macro recording (otherwise known as a "job") into a self-executable file. Because .EXE files can run by themselves, this means you can transport the job file onto another computer and run it -- all without having to install Ghost Control on the host computer!
  • Smart Window Positioning Option: While you are recording a control, every window position and its dimensions you open (for example: My Computer, My Documents, etc.) will also be recorded. When a job file is executed, every window will be opened in the exact same place with the exact same dimensions it was when the job file was originally recorded.
  • Schedule a Repeat Action: You can set how many times to repeat an action: once, more than once, or until it has been cancelled.
  • Editing Options: Change any parameter of a commands you inserted into the job. You can even add or remove mouse clicks!
  • Advanced Scheduling options: Manage daily, weekly and monthly schedules within Ghost Control. It is also possible to schedule a control to be started on system startup!

Ghost Control: Download

Ghost Control is free to try and $24.95 to buy.

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