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Synopsis: Need a way to run a CD or DVD directly from the hard drive? CD Anywhere is a powerful CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive emulator that allows you to emulate up to 23 virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives. And because the CD image is stored / read directly from the hard drive, data transfer is *significantly* faster than running a program straight from CD or DVD -- just imagine what it would be like to own a 200x CD-ROM drive! With CD Anywhere, you can also create image files from CD or DVD, burn CD image files to a disc with the built-in burner, erase CD-RW discs, and many other useful functions.

CD Anywhere: Screenshots

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CD Anywhere: Features

  • Designed for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • Convert CD-ROM or DVD-ROM content to image file format (ISO9660) ... or
  • Make an image file with folders and files from hard disk ... then
  • Mount/Unmount CD image file as a virtual physical CD/DVD drive
  • Erase rewritable CD or DVD
  • Supports many different standard and non-standard image formats
  • Burn ISO or Bin/Cue CD image file to physical disc with one click

CD Anywhere: Download

CD Anywhere is free to try and $29.99 to buy.

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