'Speed Defrag', and 'Win Backup'

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Speed Defrag

Restarts your pc and runs defrag program only, which optimizes defragmentation speed and also it automatically shuts down your pc after completion. So just before going to bed, switch it on and in the morning you'll find your hard disk defragged and pc shutdown.


Win Backup

Now free, version 1.86 of WinBackup. Rated best backup software of the year by Computer Shopper. The award-winning WinBackup 1.86 remains the obvious choice for home users and small and medium sized businesses alike. As one of the most efficient and reliable backup solutions available, WinBackup 1.86 guarantees 100% accuracy of restores. There is no catch and it does not have ads. The user is greeted with a nag screen at the start of the program. Ignoring it will take you directly to WinBackup 1.86 and the user can start backing up/restoring. The nag screen comes up once every time the user starts.


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