Gmail Goes Mobile!

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Gmail (Google's free email) is now available on your mobile phone! A dream come true - at least for me! I never want to go too long without checking my Gmail (yes, I have a slight addiction). To get Gmail on your mobile phone, just go to on your phone to access your inbox. Even cooler is the fact that it can handle attachments like pictures and .pdf files. I downloaded an attached picture today, but haven't had a chance to test .pdfs yet.

Gmail going mobile is just one of the many new features added to the Gmail service lately. Web clips (RSS feeds that scroll at the top of your inbox), vacation auto-responses, contact groups, and the ability to view office documents as HTML with a click of a button round out some of the recent additions to my favorite free email service. All this an an ever-increasing limit that starts at 2 GBs! You can't beat that!

Need an invite to this beta-only service? Email me!

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