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Synopsis: Don't let your MP3s vanish into obscurity -- give them a professional look with Organizer MP3! With Organizer MP3, you can quickly and easily create MP3 CD collections and burn them directly to CD. The resulting CD includes all your MP3s, an MP3 player, covers, lyrics, info, slideshow pictures, and works on any Windows computer; simply insert the CD and play your MP3s (no additional software is required)! Creating mp3 collections was never so easy or convenient!

Organizer MP3: How it works

Organizer MP3 MP3 includes 2 programs: a Collection Builder and a Collection Player.

Organizer MP3: As a Collection Builder

  • Creates MP3 collections, ready to be burnt on a CD, that includes: MP3s, player, covers, lyrics, info, slideshow pictures
  • Groups songs into albums with covers and information
  • Automatically reads ID3-TAGs (both ID3v1 and ID3v2)
  • Finds lyrics on the Internet
  • Includes TAG-editor: edit any tag field for multiple MP3 files, including: album, year, catalog info, producer, CDDB-Key and comments.
  • Includes slide-show generator for collections
  • Allows you to link lyrics and picture files to songs
  • You can edit existing collections
  • Customizable colors of the main window

Organizer MP3: As a Collection Player

  • Several play-modes: sequential, preview-mode, and random (in album, playlist, and full-list)
  • Playlist manager: Create and save your own playlists, Sort playlists by: title, artist or in random order; and the songs which were added to a playlist will be written with a different color (so you won't add a song twice by mistake)
  • Allows you to read the lyrics or preview the picture for current song, with automatic change when new song starts
  • Slideshow: view the pictures which were added in Organizer.
  • You can see the list of songs in an album without clicking on it.
  • Simply move the mouse pointer to the album cover
  • Fully customizable: lots of audio and visual settings
  • Support for many skins!

Organizer MP3: Download

Organizer MP3 is free to try and $15.00 to buy.

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