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Synopsis: Get organized the fun and easy way! Say the Time will keep you on schedule by automatically announcing the date, time or both at specified intervals using a pleasant male or female voice. With Say the Time, you can: keep track of important time commitments with fully-customizable appointment reminders; transform your boring taskbar time display into a colorful clock that can display both the date and the time; view the time in different parts of the world... and so much more! Truly a very cool application (Dennis gives it 2 thumbs up)!

Say the Time v7.0: Screenshots

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Say the Time v7.0: Features

  • Hear the Date and Time.
  • Enjoy spoken date and time announcements in a pleasant female or male voice.
  • Choose your preferred interval, anywhere from every five minutes to every hour.
  • Even specify a time period for which to suspend time announcements - especially useful if you keep your computer on all night.
  • Create Fully-Customizable Appointment Reminders.
  • Schedule reminders one time, or have them recur hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Set your reminders to occur at either a specific time or choose to have a reminder occur when Windows/Say the Time starts.
  • Completely customize your reminder messages. Choose your own fonts and colors to make your message really stand out!
  • Automatically launch any Windows program at a pre-determined time.
  • Include an Internet shortcut in a reminder message.
  • Easily copy, edit and reschedule reminders.
  • Choose your own default settings for new reminders, such as message colors and sounds.
  • Enjoy spoken reminder messages via a text-to-speech translation engine.
  • Customize Your Taskbar Clock.
  • Choose your own colors, textures, fonts, and more, to give your clock your own personality!
  • Display both the date as well as the time, in any format you like.
  • Synchronize Your Computer's Clock with an Internet Time Server.
  • Easily ensure your computer's clock is always accurate.
  • Choose to manually synchronize the time, or have Say the Time do it for you on an automatic schedule.
  • View a Popup Calendar.
  • View your upcoming 30-day schedule at a glance when you mouse-over the taskbar clock.
  • See a month-view calendar that even displays week numbers.
  • Track the phases of the moon on-screen.
  • View the Time in Different Parts of the World.
  • A world time calculator lets you easily convert the date and time between two locations.
  • Add a Stopwatch or a Countdown Clock to your Desktop.
  • Use a customizable stopwatch that can be started and stopped, at will, for exact timing.
  • Use a customizable countdown clock that counts down from a time you specify.

It's a clock. It's a calendar. And it's so much more! Say the Time will help you to manage your time better than ever before -- you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Say the Time v7.0: System Requirements

Say the Time is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Me, or 98. A sound card is recommended.

Say the Time v7.0: Download

Say the Time is free to try and $24.95 to buy.

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