Upgraded Kodak Camera Software, Now Cant Transfer Pictures?, Part 2

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Last week, Infopackets Reader Paul H. had problems accessing his Kodak camera after upgrading to the latest revision of Kodak Easy Share camera software. Paul wrote:

" I have a Kodak DX3600 camera equipped with a 'docking' unit. I upgraded the camera software (from version 1.2 to latest revision), but can no longer transfer pictures from my camera to the computer (I am using Windows 2000, by the way) ... Are you aware of any fixes, or should I just use this thing for a fishing weight? "

In my response, I suggested that Paul upgrade his USB driver in hopes of resolving the problem, in addition to two more workarounds. Over the weekend, I received a few more helpful tips from Readers concerning this issue. Infopackets Reader Lew L. provided some particularly helpful insight to the Kodak Easy Share upgrade dilemma. Lew writes:

" I had a similar problem with my Kodak DX6490 and dock. My computer did not recognize the camera as a drive. I contacted Kodak and received the following (edited): 'Kodak Easy Share software may be conflicting with... programs which are known to conflict are PowerQuest Drive Image 7, PowerQuest v2, iProtector, and Partition Magic. If one of these programs is installed on the system, the camera will not mount properly. '

I did have Drive Image 7 installed, and as soon as I uninstalled it, everything was fine. By the way: the information about the conflicting software can be found in the FAQ link below. "


Infopackets Reader Dave L. writes:

" I also had problems with the upgrade, but found on Kodak's support site that a 'Clear Utility' may be needed to remove the old software. Which can conflict with the upgrade, and is hard to remove with out the utility. Once the old software was removed I had no problems with the upgrade. You can download the Clear Utility from the link below. "


Infopackets Reader Philip C. writes:

" I may have a solution for Paul H. Kodak software problem, because I had the same problems. First, do a complete uninstall of Kodak Shareware [use the Clear Utility]. Next, Unplug the USB cable / docking unit from your computer *completely*. Having done that, go to the Kodak website and download the latest software. Once the software is installed, re-plug the docking unit and try to download your pictures. If it still does not work, open the Shareware program on your add/remove programs icon, look for 'repair software' and click. After it repairs itself, it should work. "

Thanks for all who wrote in for their wonderful suggestions!

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