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Infopackets Reader Kevin writes:

" Dear Infopackets Team,

The other day I clicked Start -> Programs -> Accessories in order to get to MS WordPad, but found that it was no longer there.

I have spent an innumerable amount of time typing my DVD collection (titles) into WordPad; now when I click on my DVD document, I get a message stating that 'This file does not have a program associated with it.'

I don't understand why all the sudden I can't open my document any longer and why WordPad isn't listed beside Notepad in my Start menu. Can you please tell me how I can get WordPad back so I can see my DVD list and so I can use it for typing other documents? "

Doug, Dennis, and Jim's response:

We're not sure how or why WordPad was removed from your system, but we have a few suggestions.

Since WordPad can't be "re-added" to your system through Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs -> Windows Components (in Windows XP), you can either:

a) Attempt to restore your system. This will cause you to lose some saved settings on your PC (such as wallpaper and other things), and may not resolve the issue.

b) Use a Recovery CD (if one came with your PC). In this case, you would lose all data on your C drive (I.E.: your system would be wiped "clean"). For all intents and purposes, this option is the least viable.

c) Attempt to locate WordPad manually and re-create a shortcut on your desktop. A very simple way to see if WordPad still exists on your system is to click Start -> Run and type in Wordpad (and press Enter). If WordPad pops up, go to My Computer -> C Drive; in the address field, type in: Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories (or click your way there). WordPad should be listed there. You can then right click over top of WordPad and place a shortcut on the desktop.

d) Use an alternative freeware solution to WordPad. "Jarte" (pronounced "Jar Tay") is Doug's favorite WordPad replacement and has a unique, easy-to-use interface. Jarte features the ability to edit Microsoft Word documents (WordPad included), OLE support (insert pictures and sounds), tabbed document access, quality spell checker, page breaks, print preview, visual header and footer designer, clip history, reference bar, multi-level undo and redo, and single click book marking. A detailed help file is included. Try it, I think you will like it!


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