The Hewlett Packard Scandal

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In the world of technology, the law is broken everyday. Whether it be hacking, piracy, or another corporate antitrust suit, shady business is far from unusual in the industry we cover at Infopackets.

With that said, the recent events surrounding Hewlett-Packard's executives does actually seem rather unique and has industry insiders, understandably, calling for a flushing of that company's top brass.

The story behind HP's recent scandal sounds more like "Nixon" than "Hackers." Already being labeled by some as "Patriciagate," the uncovered news of HP Chairman Patricia Dunn's decision to covertly spy on employees she suspected to have leaked strategic planning information to the media is rather startling. Follow that one with allegations that Dunn and HP executives also spied on the reporters involved leaves one both stunned and scrambling for a movie script.

It was in January that CNET News obtained details about HP's strategic planning for the future period. The reaction from Chairman Dunn and the rest of HP's leaders was to immediately launch a covert investigation of its board members. Reports are that Dunn initiated the operation, with the exact time of her integration of other executives a point of major controversy. Just who else became involved in her meddling, when did they join, and what was their role? Many of these details have yet to be uncovered. (Source:

The way HP has handled its board and the leak has already cost the company one of its finest members. Tom Perkins, a Silicon Valley legend, resigned in May over a dispute with Hewlett-Packard regarding the leak. It is expected that as further details about the sneaky operations of Dunn and HP leadership are unveiled, further suits could come from board members. (Source:

Expect a good deal more bitterness at the top of Hewlett-Packard.

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