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RagTime Solo is a free desktop publishing alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel.

RagTime Solo weighs in at only 49 megabytes (installed) and packs quite a punch. It does everything a desktop publishing program needs to do and it's all in one convenient user interface. Compared to MS Office (which seems to lag on my system), RagTime solo seems to zip through everything.

RagTime Solo is compatible with Word 97 and can also export file to HTML format. RagTime Solo will run on nearly all Windows versions and is free for non-commercial use.

Quote from RagTime Solo web site:

" ... Give your work that final polish! With RagTime, you have a single convenient layout environment in which you can process text, tables, drawings, pictures and graphs. The intuitive user interface simplifies your quick access to all of RagTime's functions. "

RagTime website

Download RagTime Solo

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