SysTrayPlay (STP) Review

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Earlier this year I went on a quest to find the smallest, most user-friendly freeware MP3 player. My quest ended when I came across a little gem called SysTrayPlay ("STP"), created by Youri Stous.

Prior to STP, I used 1by1: the smallest functional player I've seen to-date. In fact, STP has almost the same footprint as 1by1; however, I found that STP offers just a few more extra features that I find extraordinarily compelling.

STP is downloaded as a zip file and you only need to extract it to a folder to use it. STP takes up only 228kb unpacked and is actually much smaller than most of the MP3 files that it plays.

SysTrayPlay starts instantly and doesn't slow down your PC at all while playing your favorite tunes. STP's features are accessed by right clicking on it's system tray icon. This program is perfect for putting on a floppy disk or USB thumb drive to travel right along with your MP3's.

Using STP, you'll be ready to rock on any PC!

Download SysTrayPlay (STP)

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