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Windows 10 to Get Forced Feature Updates

Microsoft is to forcibly upgrade some computers running older versions of Windows 10. Only those on the Pro edition will be able to block the update. It's a step up in Microsoft's campaign to keep people from using older Windows 10 versions. Until ... now it's mainly relied on dropping support and security fixes, the idea there being to scare people into making the upgrade. That's happening to version 1809 (released in late 2018) this week. Microsoft is now turning its attention to computers running version 1903, released early last year. Version 1903 will officially lose security patch support ... (view more)

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How to Fix: KB4522355 Won't Install (Win10 1903)

Infopackets Reader Samuel P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have two Windows 10 Pro machines, currently running Windows 10 1903. Both machines can't install KB4522355 (released October 24, 2019). This update would bring me to OS Build 18362.449. When I go ... to PC Settings -> Update and Security, it tells me that KB4522355 is pending, and when I click 'download and install', it tries to install but then fails repeatedly. I've tried clearing my Windows Update queue per your instructions but KB4522355 won't install . Can you please help? " My response: I asked Samuel if he would like me to connect to ... (view more)

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Win10 Update Breaks Start Menu, Causes Orange Screen

It's becoming something of a pattern that Microsoft issues a Windows 10 Update that causes a problem , then issues a follow-up that fixes it, but then introduces new problems. And it's happened again. Just last week Microsoft issued an update ( ... KB4512941 ) that fixed problems in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903), but introduced new bugs with some users finding the Windows search tool didn't work at all, or their processors were under constant strain. Microsoft has since release a new bug fix (KB4515384) for the previous bug fix, but users are reporting new problems. At the time of ... (view more)

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