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T-Mobile Raises 'Unlimited Data' Limit

T-Mobile is reportedly to let users on "Unlimited" data plans use 50GB of data a month before getting any slowdowns. That will be more than double the soft limit of rivals, though still won't satisfy some linguistic purists. At one point it was ... almost impossible to find an unlimited data deal on mobile devices, but a combination of competition and growing consumer demand as both tablet computers and streaming video become more popular has led the major companies to all offer an unlimited deal. However, there's still a limit of sorts, often called a "fair use policy." With each ... (view more)

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Samsung Developing Ultra-Fast 5G Wireless Standard

Samsung says it has made a key breakthrough in the journey to making ultra-fast 5G wireless technology available to consumers. But critics say such a wireless standard is a long way off and have questioned the firm's use of the term "5G". The new ... development from Samsung is called an adaptive array transceiver. It's designed to use very high frequencies, currently reserved for sending signals to and from satellites, for cellphone data. So far, it's proven difficult to use those frequencies for cellphone towers because poor weather conditions can compromise the signal. According to Samsung, ... (view more)

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Sprint Ditches RIM PlayBook 4G

Less than a month after BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) announced it would lay off thousands of employees , Sprint has now revealed that it will not release the RIM's PlayBook 4G tablet, dealing the already hurting firm yet another blow. ... According to Sprint, the decision to not release the PlayBook 4G was reached mutually with RIM, and is related primarily to technical incompatibility. RIM, Sprint Headed in Different Directions "We apologize for any inconvenience but the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook tablet that was announced in January for summer availability will no longer be coming to ... (view more)

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RIM Reports Record BlackBerry Sales As New iPhone Launches

On the same day Apple released its much-anticipated iPhone 4G, Canadian tech firm Research in Motion (RIM) has announced an impressive 20 per cent increase in its fiscal first quarter net income. Given the hype surrounding the new iPhone, it may be ... the last good news for RIM for a while. Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion produces the popular BlackBerry smartphone, a rather ubiquitous device within most modern business environments. For some time analysts have predicted that the BlackBerry could face a serious threat from the iPhone -- which is seen more as a pleasure than business- ... (view more)

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