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Access old user account files under WinXP?

Infopackets Reader 'farzee2k' writes: " My friend has windows XP installed on his system. Somehow, he deleted his account so he is not able to access the files stored in his My Documents folder. He does not have access to the Administrator account ... either, so when he logs on through another user account, he cannot access the files stored in his original account. Is there anyway he can access those files?" My Response: All user account folders are (by default) located in C:\Documents and Settings. And, some user folders in the Documents and Settings directory are hidden. Therefore, I ... (view more)

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Change user login name (Windows XP)?

Infopackets Reader Brandon 'SpongeBoob' writes: " Dear Dennis, Much thanks for your article on changing paths to the My Documents / Pictures folder -- however, this time I have a new question! Do you have any idea on how to change a login user name ... for Windows XP? For example: I want to modify my user account name in the Documents and Settings folder, as well as the Start menu and logon / log off screen names. Any ideas? " My response: You can change your login screen name, as well as password, picture, account type, and .NET passport options though the Control Panel. To do this: ... (view more)


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