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Firefox 57 to Kill Many Addons: Tab Groups Alternative

Infopackets Reader Jean K. writes: " Dear Dennis, Recently my Firefox web browser updated to version 56.0.2. When I go Tools -> Add-ons , I see most of my addons are marked as ' Legacy '. I read online that when Firefox 57 is released, it will ... use ' web extensions ,' (also spelt " WebExtensions ") which will make the current addons incompatible. This is a big problem! I have been using the ' Tab Groups ' addon by Quicksaver for a while now (which groups my web browser tabs into categories) and cannot imagine life without this incredibly helpful addon. Unfortunately the developer ... (view more)

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Researchers: 'Anonymized' Browsing Data Can Reveal Identity

Researchers suggest that anonymized browsing data can be used to track users. The flaw can make it easy to reveal exactly what sites individuals have visited. Security experts Svea Eckert and Andreas Dewes told the Def Con security conference that ... they'd been able to identify adult websites a particular judge had visited, as well as a politician's online interest in drugs. The data came from so-called "clickstreams," which are simply a list of the sites an individual has visited and the order in which they visited them. They are commonly used by advertising firms to produce ... (view more)

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[ShellX 20080606]: 'Flexcrypt Folder', and '30+ Firefox Add-Ons For Web Developers And Designers'

Flexcrypt Folder Flexcrypt Folder enables you to encrypt a file or a folder. After installation, right-click on a file/folder and select Encrypt with Flexcrypt folder, make up a password, that's it. Decryption is done by double-clicking on the ... encrypted file and entering the correct password. The BIG advantage with Flexcrypt Folder is that it does not require any software to decrypt an encrypted file, simply click on it and enter the correct password. Flexcrypt Folder is free to use. 30+ FIREFOX ADD-ONS FOR WEB DEVELOPERS AND DESIGNERS Firefox has ... (view more)

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'Desk Drive', and '15 Essential Windows Explorer Addons'

Desk Drive Desk Drive solves a really annoying problem. You pop a USB thumb drive or DVD into your computer and then have to open Window's Explorer and find the mapped drive or folder. Desk Drive adds a desktop icon pointing to the drive ... automatically. Remove the media and the shortcut goes away. Brilliantly simple and effective. 15 Essential Windows Explorer Addons Group of recommended Explorer enhancements from that can make life on the Internet a whole lot easier. (view more)

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