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Facebook Slammed For Teen Ad Targeting

A campaign group claims Facebook lets users target ads at children based on interests such as smoking, drinking alcohol and gambling. Facebook says it has adequate measures to find and block such ads both before and after publication. The claims ... come from Reset Australia, which says it ran an experiment posing as the fictional "Ozzie News Network." It set up an advertising account on Facebook to see what options were available. In theory, Facebook has an outright ban on advertising adult topics such as alcohol to under 18s. Reset Australia says this failed in two ways: it was able to target ... (view more)

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Adult Sites More Secure Than Blogs: Report

In a new report released by prominent security firm Symantec, research shows that adult websites are not the most dangerous on the web. Instead, blogs associated with religion or ideologies offer a far greater chance of infecting a visitor's ... computer with some form of malware. Called the Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec's information includes a list of the ten most dangerous types of websites. Surprisingly, adult sites -- which many have long associated with malware and viruses -- are included as number ten. Adult Sites Don't Need Malware Money According to the report, religious and ... (view more)

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Sony No longer PG-13?

Is Sony assisting the adult entertainment industry? In terms of technical support, the answer is yes. Japanese companies creating films with adult content have encountered problems while trying to mass produce their products for Blu-ray disc. ... However, there is no need to worry, as Sony has come to its rescue. According to the director of administration for a Japanese DVD replication firm, "Companies cannot press Blu-ray discs because they cannot touch adult-related contracts. So we asked some makers in Taiwan to do the work, and then we import the discs back to Japan. The Taiwanese company ... (view more)

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