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Arbitrary Phone Searches Banned at Border

A court says US customs officials can't examine the contents of phones and laptops at the border without reasonable suspicion of illegal activity. It said current policies violate the Fourth Amendment. The amendment prevents "unreasonable searches ... and seizures" and requires warrants based on probable cause. It's been at the centre of numerous technology-related cases as courts decide what constitutes property and searches when it comes to digital devices and information. The latest case, first brought in 2017, covers the policies of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency and the ... (view more)

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Airlines Combat High Fuel Prices with Ads on Boarding Passes

Those hoping to do a little traveling this summer may be wondering why the price of airline tickets has increased so drastically. As you might expect, the price of fuel has impacted the entire airline industry resulting in less consumers and ... inflated costs. In an effort to generate extra revenue, five major airlines will soon place advertisements on boarding passes. The five airlines (Delta, Northwest, U.S. Airways, United and Continental) have all signed contracts with Sojern, a small Omaha-based start-up company. The deal will allow e-boarding passes to be filled with target ads, coupons, ... (view more)

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More Federal Agencies Delay Migration to Vista

Last week we reported how the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a moratorium on users migrating to Windows Vista, Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007 citing no compelling reasons to upgrade at this time. ... Federal Computer Week is reporting that more Federal Agencies are delaying the migration to Windows Vista. The Interior Department, including the Army and the Transportation Department are developing implementation policies and say they need to complete their testing of Vista before switching over from older working systems already in place. A draft ... (view more)

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