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'Google Translate for Android 2.7', and 'AkelPad 4.8.3'

Google Translate for Android 2.7 Google Translate for Android gives you access to more than sixty different languages. It allows you to quickly and easily translate words and phrases on your favorite Android device. You can also speak a word or ... phrase and hear a proper translation. http://google.com AkelPad 4.8.3 This open source editor for plain text is small, fast, and easy to use. Features include preview, multi-level undo, fast search and replace, multiple language modules, plugins support, and column text selection. Download this program via Sourceforge. http://akelpad.sourceforge.net ... (view more)

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'Maxthon 3 BETA', and 'AkelPad 4.4.5'

Maxthon Browser Maxthon Browser is a powerful tabbed web browser that offers basic browsing functionality plus a rich set of features. Maxthon's Smart Acceleration caches the sites you visit most to speed up your browsing and page display. ... http://www.maxthon.com AkelPad 4.4.5 AkelPad is an open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast. It offers support of DOS/Windows, Unix and Mac newline formats and plug-in support (syntax highlighting, folding, auto-completion, scripts execution, keyboard macros and much more). http://akelpad.sourceforge.net This freeware ... (view more)

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