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AMD Ready to Swallow ATI for $5.4 Billion

In a rather desperate attempt to lift itself out of a spiraling drop into the black (or perhaps red) abyss of financial decline, AMD plans to purchase major video-card producer ATI for $5.4 billion US Dollars. Rumours first surfaced back in May by a ... few wise analysts, and it appears that yesterday, the plans have finally set in motion. The attempt has been rumored as a last-ditch effort for AMD to save itself from losing all face in a bitter processing chip war against Intel. (Source: ) For those not familiar with the product AMD is seeking to purchase, ATI is perhaps the gaming ... (view more)

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Intel In Trouble: Processing Chip Company Facing Legal and Financial Woes

The processing chip war is already taking its toll on Intel. Recent reports suggest that not only is Advance Micro Devices (AMD) laying down a heavy antitrust lawsuit against Intel in Germany, but the latter is also slashing 1,000 management ... positions worldwide in order to remain competitive. Infopackets recently reported on the clearance of current generation processing chips by both Intel and AMD, and the price is evidently proving costly for Intel. The battle between AMD and Intel is most ferocious abroad, where AMD plans on officially complaining to German authorities that Intel made ... (view more)

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Hit the Road, Jack: Mobility Manipulating Technology Market

With the popularity of WiFi, cell phones, the Blackberry, and laptops booming, the tech industry is being forced to come to grips with a world constantly "on the go." Desktop PCs are increasingly becoming immense paper weights for many consumers, ... and second quarter market research shows that this is having a drastic impact on many traditionally powerful tech manufacturers. From the beginning of 2006 until the recent end of the second quarter, the average AMD Athlon 64 desktop PC price sunk from $608 USD to $526 USD. The result is great for the spread of budget-priced systems to homes and ... (view more)

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AMD Price Drop: Battle Heating Up in Processing Chip Arena

Amidst rumors that Microsoft may cut the price of its Xbox 360 in anticipation of the release of the Sony Playstation 3, similar tactics are being employed in the world of PC processing chips. As a tactic to distract consumers from the long-awaited ... release of Intel's Core 2 chip, AMD is drastically slashing prices of its own products, by as much as 46%. (Source: ) Interest in Intel's next-gen chips has been growing in anticipation of the Core 2 release in the next few months, leading AMD to "pipe up" in order that PC users remember their immensely popular Athlon line of ... (view more)

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Processor History

This week I received a question from one of our visitors which asked, "What is the difference between the Pentium, Celeron, and Athlon processors?" To best answer this question, we must first understand a bit of processor history, starting with ... Intel's flagship processor, the Pentium. In 1993, Intel brought the PC to a new level with the Pentium processor. The first Pentium processor ran at an astounding 60 Mhz, had 3.3 million transistors, and performed 100 Million Instructions Per Second (MIPS). Although no one today refers to the first Pentium processor as a Pentium 1, it is the ... (view more)


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