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Explicit Pop-Up Debacle Leads to Teacher's Guilty Plea

The unbelievable story of Julie Amero, the substitute teacher who became the scapegoat of the Norwich school system when a computer riddled with spyware was inundated with pop-up "nasties" that were viewed by children in her class, has finally come ... to an end -- albeit, what many consider an unjust end. Amero was originally charged with four felonies for letting impressionable students see pornographic pictures as she browsed the web in her classroom. According to the Hartford Courant, Amero, who has been hospitalized and suffers from declining health, agreed to plead guilty to a single ... (view more)

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Teacher Jailed for Spyware Given New Trial

If you're a teacher, there's certainly extra incentive to routinely update your anti-spyware software. Substitute teacher Julie Amero is proof; not only is the 40-year old facing criticism and the loss of her job (maybe even career), she's recently ... been at the center of a fierce criminal case. Unfortunately for Amero, a pornography pop-up advertisement on her computer flashed just as students were using it. The incident has thrust both Amero and adware into the mainstream spotlight. Prosecutors successfully convicted Amero of four felony counts of "risk of injury to a minor", an offense that ... (view more)

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