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Apple to Surpass HP, IBM in Sales by 2013, Analyst Says

A new report predicts Apple will surpass both IBM and Hewlett-Packard (HP) in revenue and sales by mid-2013. In fact, the man responsible for the report -- Forrester Research founder, George Colony -- says that Apple is "going to be a $200 billion ... revenue company." Colony made the bold prediction in a recent interview with Bloomberg. He went on to suggest that Apple's mobile sector (which is known for the ludicrously popular iPad and iPhone) could propel the company to 50 per cent growth per year over the next 24 months. Apple Growth Already Underway When it comes to market capitalization, ... (view more)

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Microsoft, Apple Battle Over Use of 'App Store'

Microsoft and Apple have headed to court over a war of words, or at least, technicalities of their use. Microsoft has filed a petition requesting that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to deny Apple a trademark on the name "App Store." According ... to Microsoft, the term "App Store" is simply too generic to be the exclusive property of Apple. Apple first applied for the trademark in 2008 when it launched the iTunes App Store for the iPhone. It wanted to cover the term for any form of software retailing provided through the Internet. (Source: ) Microsoft: ... (view more)

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Apple CEO Refutes Apps Store for Mac PCs, Macbooks

Apple chief Steve Jobs has quashed speculation that the company might switch Mac computers to an App Store system. It comes as a relief to software developers who won't have to go through the same approval process as with portable Apple devices. A ... report published by programmers Rixstep last week claimed that Apple was to end the current system by which, as with most computing platforms, any compatible software can run on a Mac computer and can be installed at will by the user. Rixstep claimed that software developers would have to pay $99 for membership in an Apple program, that they'd have ... (view more)

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The iPhone Can Be Spied On By Apple

While Apple has opened the iPhone to third-party applications, they are also reportedly keeping a very close eye on which applications are allowed to run on your phone. According to hacker Jonathan Zdziarski, the iPhone has the ability to 'phone ... home' and tell Apple what applications are installed, and if Apple doesn't like what it sees, they can neutralize the offending application. Zdziarski says this suggests that the iPhone calls home once in a while to find out what applications it should turn off. He discovered this ability tucked away in a configuration file deep inside the iPhone ... (view more)


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