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Facebook to Promote Local News

Facebook is to give more priority to local news stories when deciding which links to feature prominently. But Mark Zuckerberg's argument that this will reduce divisions and argument has been rejected by some critics. It's the latest in a series of ... changes to the algorithm Facebook uses to decide the order in which a specific user sees content. Originally all content such as posts from friends and shared links was shown in chronological order. Facebook later decided that the average user would not be able to see all of the content in chronological order (due to the volume of posts ... (view more)

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Report: Laptop Use Hurts Mojo; Cooling Pads Don't Help

All potential Dads out there be warned: a new study has found that using a laptop as it was intended to be used -- on your lap -- can hurt your mojo. Worse yet, not even laptop pads drastically reduce, or even reverse the effect. The study comes ... courtesy of urologist Yelim Sheynkin of State University of New York at Stony Brook. His subsequent report has been published in a recent medical journal. Sheynkin and his researchers used thermometers to measure twenty-nine male participants, each of whom was tasked with balancing a notebook PC on their laps. Sheynkin and his team found that it didn' ... (view more)

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Hi-Tech Sensors Could Keep Streets Safe

Five years ago, if you asked some of the people who resided in the Lenox neighborhood of New Jersey what they feared most, most of them would probably say drug dealing, prostitution solicitation and the occasional gunshot. It's a far step from the ... average person's fears, which might include rush-hour traffic or putting on weight over the holidays. However, the small suburb of Lenox had become so infested with criminal behavior that police were no longer being called to respond to most of the illegal activities taking place in the area. New Jersey police had tried a number of solutions to rid ... (view more)

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The Newest Force Against Internet Piracy: The Boy Scouts?!

Young Boy Scouts all over Los Angeles now have a new reason to put on their uniforms, pull up their knee-high socks, line up their merit badges, and fill up their cookie boxes. That's because the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has just ... joined forces with the Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts. Pitching a tent, starting a fire, crusading against Internet movie piracy -- it's all in a day's work for the Scouts. Here are a few excerpts from the official MPAA curriculum distributed to the Scouts: "Identify five types of copyrighted works (two may be your own). For each, give the author/ ... (view more)

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Create and Modify Headers and Footers: MS Word

When you want the same text (such as a title) to appear on the top of every page, you are creating a header. On the other hand, text that appears on the bottom of every page is called a footer. Both headers and footers appear within the page margins ... and are unaffected by adding and deleting text in the document. You can set the measurement for headers and footers in the Margins tab of the Page Setup dialog box. Longer documents often must have certain text on every page, such as chapter titles, author names, dates, file names, or page numbers. You wouldn't want to have to type the text at the ... (view more)

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