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Google Maps Now Shows COVID Hotspots

Google has added an optional setting for its Maps tool showing the levels of reported COVID-19 infections in an area. However, users need to check exactly what area the data covers. For now the feature is only available on mobile apps rather than ... the desktop website version. It's also rolling out slowly, and may not be available immediately. Once available, the feature is accessible by tapping the layers button in the top-right corner of the screen. That's the button with an icon similar to a diamond with a v-shape underneath. This will then show the map in marked areas. Each area will have a ... (view more)

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Microsoft to Factor Crime, Weather Into GPS Routes

Microsoft claims it has taken steps to protect tourists from accidently stumbling into unsafe areas by developing and patenting a new feature for GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. One of the rarely discussed features of GPS is their ability ... to guide users through areas in which they would not normally venture. Although GPS devices are typically very helpful in plotting routes, so far they have not paid attention to the relative convenience, condition, or safety of those routes. It stands to reason that sometimes the shortest route to a destination might lead through a relatively unsafe ... (view more)

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