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Win32/Haxdoor Email Scam: Don't be Fooled

A new variation of a fake Microsoft security notification email is reportedly being circulated. Attackers appear to be taking advantage of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday to send legitimate looking emails claiming to be a security email from Microsoft ... with an executable file attached, which it claims is the latest security update. It encourages the recipient to run the attached executable so their computer will be safe. The email is different than previous versions as it claims to be signed by Steve Lipner, an actual Microsoft employee, and has what appears to be a PGP signature block attached to ... (view more)

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PC won't go into hibernation mode with Digital Camera?

Infopackets Gazette Reader Linda S. writes: " Dear Dennis, My Compaq Presario 7000 computer will not hibernate: I always get a message that says, 'Your computer cannot hibernate or standby because the Intel (R) PC Camera CS110 cannot enter a low ... power state.' I went to Compaq Communities [online message board], and received a reply which stated that I needed to download and install the BIOS and driver update for the camera to resolve the problem. Since my camera has worked flawlessly for the past 2 years, I assume that I don't need to download another driver? Please Help! " Side note: " ... (view more)

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