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Is it OK to Video Record On Duty Police Officers?

A case in New Hampshire has raised an important question in an age when just about everyone has a smartphone equipped with a digital video camera: should people be allowed to video or audio record the actions of on duty police officers? The case in ... question involves New Hampshire woman Carla Gericke, who was arrested and charged with wiretapping in 2010. Gericke was caught recording her friend being questioned by the Weare Police Department during a late-night traffic stop. Woman Never Ordered to Stop Recording Traffic Stop Gericke was actually in a car behind her friend and announced to ... (view more)

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i-Sound WMA MP3 Audio Recorder Professional Review

Synopsis: Turn your computer into complete audio recording studio! i-Sound WMA MP3 Audio Recorder Professional allows you to record sound from internal or external audio source into a wide variety of audio formats directly to your PC! With it's ... specialized Voice Activation System (codenamed: "VOX"), i-Sound WMA MP3 Audio Recorder Professional is an ideal solution for digitizing LPs and Cassettes to your PC, including: Record Internet radio with built-in scheduler Save streaming audio from web pages Record Lectures with Voice Activation Eliminate 'hissing' noise with real-time noise reduction ... (view more)

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