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Yahoo's New Search Tool 'Axis' Fails to Impress

'Axis,' a new search tool from Yahoo, is designed to help the company keep pace with rivals Google and Microsoft in the fast-changing search market. Unfortunately, observers seem to doubt the new feature will help the troubled firm out of its funk. ... It has been a tough six months for Yahoo, which announced earlier this year that it was laying off a large part of its global workforce. Then in early May the company's new chief executive officer Scott Thompson was shown to have lied on his resume, leading investors to call for his resignation. Eventually, Thompson obliged . Axis Search Shows ... (view more)

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Selecting Text Orientation for an Axis in Microsoft Graph: MS Word

When you are working with a Chart in MS Graph, you may sometimes want to change how text appears on an axis, such as changing the text from horizontal to vertical. Fortunately, MS Graph has made it easy to accomplish. Follow the steps below: Select ... the axis where you want to change the text. You can do this by clicking on the axis with your mouse. You can also right-click on the axis and select Format Axis. Choose Selected Axis from the Format menu. MS Graph will display the Format Axis dialog box. Be sure that the Alignment tab has been selected. Specify an orientation for the text in ... (view more)

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