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Wall Street Predicting Big Sales for Vista

The Microsoft Windows Vista hoopla has been fairly cool and collected in many circles, including the realm of home consumers. And yet, many aren't yet convinced the new operating system has anything they absolutely must install on their computers. ... The perception is that Vista lacks enough killer apps to win over PC owners like Windows 95, although industry predictions appear very confident this will change. In fact, Wall Street has been so aggressive in forecasting Vista's growth that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently pleaded that they scale back on the super sales prophecies. The problem ... (view more)

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Novell and Microsoft: An Editorial

This is an Editorial. Actually, it is more of a commentary on my last posting concerning Microsoft's CEO and his remarks that declared his 'position' on the Novell/Microsoft agreement. Mr. Ballmer stated that Microsoft was preparing to take Linux to ... task over Intellectual Property rights. He stated he was doing this for his 'share holders' to increase their 'profits'. It appears that Mr. Ballmer was speaking about himself more than anyone else since he owns a fairly large chunk of Microsoft stock. However, there are a few things that Mr. Ballmer needs to be made aware before he speaks out on ... (view more)

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Novell Responds to Microsoft Patent Claims

Love 'em or hate 'em, thus far TomKat's marriage has been a rosier adventure than the recent joining of Microsoft and Novell, which, just weeks in is already on rocky footing. That's because the two tech companies are already squabbling over certain ... patent rights disclosed within the deal, and the result could lead to anything but a worthwhile relationship between the powerhouse companies. Most of the outrage is the result of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's recent remark that Novell's signing of the deal acknowledges that the company is infringing on MS intellectual property. Apparently, Novell ... (view more)

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On Microsoft and Novell: The Leopard Still Has Spots

In my last article, I likened Microsoft to the fabled leopard that couldn't change its spots. As it happens, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has proven that indeed, the leopard is still covered in spots. Mr. Ballmer declared his belief that the Linux ... operating system infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property. What is so laughable about his assertion is that Microsoft has had those exact same charges leveled at them by companies such as Apple, Xerox, and several other entities. (Source: ) What is Intellectual Property? Intellectual property (or "IP") is a method of legal ... (view more)


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