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US Gov't May Ban Smartphone Tracking Apps

A US Senate committee has approved the Location Privacy Protection Act. It's a bill that would ban the smartphone tools which allow people to track others without their knowledge. The act, introduced by Senator Al Franken, would force companies ... offering smartphone apps to get a phone user's permission before collecting or passing on data about their location. The new rules would also explicitly ban any application that tracked locations without the phone user's knowledge. (Source: ) According to Franken, such measures are necessary to prevent cases of people secretly installing a ... (view more)

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Supreme Court OKs Violent Game Sales to Minors

The Supreme Court recently reached a ruling that will be seen by many as a victory for makers of violent video games. At least seven states have passed legislation that bans the sale of violent games, but in every case that legislation was ... overturned by a lower court. California, which passed such a law in 2005 and was immediately blocked from enforcing it, was the first to appeal to the Supreme Court. The California law caused immediate controversy: while it only banned sales where the content was "patently offensive," the threshold also required prosecutors to show a game lacked "serious ... (view more)

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Marine Corps Ban Social Networking on Military PCs

It seems "being all that you can be" also means being an online hermit. The United States Marine Corps recently announced that it will be banning social networking for all members of the elite fighting force from this day forward. Included in the ... ban are uber-popular pages Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, which encourage members to publish personal information and photos, while roping friends into joining them online. That's a problem for the Marines, who believe that such activity -- and more specifically the disclosure of personal data -- is a security threat to its members who, by extension ... (view more)


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