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'Share Alarm', and 'Bho Scanner'

Share Alarm ShareAlarm detects and notifies about remote connections to shared resources and allows you to see parameters of the workstation, which tries to establish a connection with your computer. The remote workstation, user, path, OS, ... permissions of the accessed folder, connection time will be available via this tool. The program has firewall system that allows blocking any unwanted connection to your shared resources. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. BHO Scanner Some web Browser Helper Objects [BHOs] are ... (view more)

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Does GuruNet contain Spyware?

Infopackets Reader Doug L. writes: " Dear Dennis, After reading your wonderful acticle on GuruNet , I downloaded and installed it on my machine. To my surprise, my Spyware detection utility (SpyDoctor) reported GuruNet as a malware BHO (Browser ... Helper Object). Can you comment on this? " Side note: a Browser Helper Object is a 'plug-in' for Internet Explorer which allows software developers to customize and control browsing sessions. BHO's are typically instantiated [initialized] by .DLL files which are located in the Windows System / System32 folder. My response: Unfortunately, your ... (view more)

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Can't remove / uninstall MyWebSearch?, Part 2

Last week, Infopackets Reader Cospul warned me of a problem he had with a browser enhancement, called MyWebSearch: " I downloaded and installed [the browser plug-in] only to find out that it hijacked my Internet Explorer ... Whatever [web site I ... visit, MyWebSearch either displays their site or an error message]. ... I emailed the Mywebsearch [support many times], but they have not [provided any useful technical advice]. I even hired a certified Microsoft technician to fix the problem -- but after a week, all they could tell me was that Mywebsearch acts like a virus (no kidding!). I can't ... (view more)

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