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Android Users: 17 Rogue Apps to Delete

A security company has spotted 17 rogue Android apps that users should immediately delete. All 17 apps were approved by the Google Play store, where they managed to get past Google's security checks. Bitdefender, which published the list of apps, ... says the apps aren't malware as such. However, they use tactics associated with malware creators and could seriously inconvenience users. Bitdefender dubs this as 'riskware'. The List Of Shame The apps to immediately delete are: 4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD) Backgrounds 4K HD Barcode Scanner Car Racing 2019 Clock LED Explorer File ... (view more)

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Security Report: Beware Facebook 'News' Feeds

Security firm BitDefender suggests that one in five users using its 'safego' product have been exposed to malicious threats through Facebook. The report reinforces the position held by many industry experts that Facebook needs to do more to protect ... its users from privacy or security threats. Safego is a BitDefender security product specially designed for frequent social networking users. It is built to detect malware and prevent users from getting spammed because they use these sites. (Source: ) Safego is in its beta stages, and BitDefender is thoroughly analyzing the tool ... (view more)

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Antivirus Update Forces Users To Reinstall Windows

A problematic update for the popular BitDefender antivirus software appears to be causing quite a bit of trouble for users running 64-bit versions of Windows. Rather than save users from infection, the update released this past weekend is actually ... labeling important Windows files as malware threats. "We understand your disappointment, we have solved the problem for many of our users already, and we are continuing to work relentlessly to rectify the problem for all users still affected," a BitDefender spokesperson announced Monday. (Source: ) Antivirus Update Forces Users To ... (view more)

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