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Facebook Could Have Helped Resolve BP Spill, Report Says

The seemingly unstoppable oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a reoccurring public nightmare for the company at the forefront of the situation, BP (British Petroleum). As many continue to look for ways to repair the problem, others still are left ... asking why it took so long for news of the spill to reach the public. For many critics, BP's failing to use social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter was a huge mistake. It's been suggested that the company could have used these sites to spread awareness and more quickly develop solutions for the issue. (Source: computerworld.com ) BP does ... (view more)

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BP Gas Station to offer Free Internet Access

BP gas stations are making vast improvements to its locations all across North America in an attempt to transform the company into a recognizable "one-stop shop" for travelers. For the modern patron, this means getting WiFi access free of charge. Of ... course, BP does have a hidden agenda when offering free Internet service: entice people to stay for longer periods of time in the hopes of checking out the other services the station has to offer. Over 90% of all BP locations will be given major upgrades in the service department, including on-site restaurants, video arcades and a well-stocked ... (view more)

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