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Study: Apple is for Women, Samsung is for Men

A new study suggests that most Americans favor Apple when it comes to mobile devices, though Samsung isn't too far from the top. The study was performed by KS Mobile, a San Francisco-based app maker for the Android and iOS platforms. The study was ... carried out between February 6 and 10, 2014, and involved 1,000 people aged 18 and older. Apple is for Women, Samsung is for Men: Study Suggests Of the people interviewed, nearly half of all women said they favored Apple mobile products, such as the iPhone. Only women aged 40 to 49 said they favored Samsung products. On the other hand, most men ... (view more)

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Microsoft to Drop Windows Name?

There's a rumor floating around that Microsoft may drop the "Windows" name altogether. But few are putting much stock in it. The claim comes from a story covering this week's Worldwide Partner Conference, at which a Microsoft representative said ... that while Windows 8 is being targeted to run on desktops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets alike, the system after that may be designed to run on all types of hardware, including smartphones and even the Xbox 360 video game console. The report claims that insider sources suggest there's more to the announcement: "Microsoft is seriously considering ... (view more)

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Google Replaces Microsoft: Most Powerful Global Brand of 2007

After enjoying the top spot for a little over a year, Microsoft must now get used to being referred to as the former number one powerhouse in the list of the most affluent global brands of 2007. According to an internationally-published brand ... ranking system, Google bested the popular Microsoft Corp. by a unanimous decision. While not affecting the financial success of the company, the news must still be a little devastating to Microsoft, especially after a year in which the company had launched their highly anticipated operating system, Windows Vista. This is only the second year in a row ... (view more)

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Recover Data from a Bad Burn?

Infopackets Reader Michel S. writes: " Dear Dennis, First, thank you for this very informative and welcoming website. My question today is in regard to a corrupt DVD disc. After having burned some of my favorite downloaded files to DVD disc (using ... the 'D-well' brand blank DVD), some files appear to be OK, but part of the DVD disc cannot be accessed at all. ;-( I am using an ASUS DVD writer and Nero 6.0 for my backup. So far, my computer friends haven't been able to help me with this issue. I'd certainly appreciate if you can help me to clarify this mystery. Thank you in advance! " ... (view more)

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