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Another Microsoft Exec Jumps Ship

Just a week after Microsoft's cloud computing leader Bob Muglia announced he would soon be departing, another MS executive has revealed that he too will be leaving for greener pastures. Corporate Vice President of Windows Consumer Marketing Brad ... Brooks will soon be joining Juniper Networks. Not the First MS Exec to Jump to Juniper Juniper is an Internet Protocol products and services company with headquarters in sunny Sunnyvale, California. It's a growing firm that has acquired important Microsoft employees in the past, most notably former head of the Redmond-based company's Platforms and ... (view more)

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Microsoft: Small Businesses Making Switch to Win7

Many small businesses were put off the Windows Vista operating system (OS) because of early complaints about compatibility problems and its tendency to bog down older machines. However, positive reviews of the new Windows 7 have finally started to ... shake upgrade fears amongst smaller companies, and Microsoft says they're starting to see these firms make the shift away from previous stand-by Windows XP. Microsoft's claim that small businesses are diving into Windows 7 after taking a pass on Windows Vista was made by company Vice President Brad Brooks during an interview earlier this week. " ... (view more)

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Microsoft Exec Discusses the 'Apple Tax'

Ever heard of the Apple Tax? Neither have we, though one Microsoft executive is adamant that to buy an Apple Macintosh computer is to sacrifice hard-earned dollars when customizing your shiny new machine. In a recent interview, vice president of ... Windows Consumer Product Marketing Brad Brooks discussed the additional costs Apple buyers face when trying to pencil in Windows Vista or XP compatibility. Brooks argues that those costs associated with customizing the operating system, applications, and even laptop or desktop colors can make Mac machines much higher than their anticipated cost. "It's ... (view more)

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