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SnapTube App Accused of Massive Subscription Fraud

An Android app with 40 million downloads has been linked to large-scale fraud against phone and tablet users. The "SnapTube" app reportedly tricks users with a free trial that leads to an expensive and unwanted subscription. The operators of the app ... say they were previously victims of illegal activity by an advertising partner but have now fixed the problem. SnapTube is a tool that was downloaded from the Google Play Store 40 million times before being removed. It was billed as a way to download videos from Facebook and YouTube, something that's not possible with those services own ... (view more)

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T-Mobile's 'No Contract' Deal Deceptive: Critics

T-Mobile's "No Contract" deal is supposed to let a customer sever their relationship with the wireless carrier at any moment. However, Washington state officials have ordered the firm to offer refunds to people who didn't realize that quitting the ... contract would come with a fee. With most smartphone deals, the user only pays a portion of the cost of the handset, while the service provider picks up the rest of the tab. In return, the user is tied to a minimum service term (usually lasting two to three years), during which they must pay a steep early termination fee if they choose to cancel the ... (view more)

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Is Your ISP Selling Your Clicks?

It turns out that not only is big brother watching you, he's profiting from you. At the Open Data 2007 conference in New York last Tuesday, Compete Inc. CEO David Cancel revealed that ISPs are selling the clickstream data of its subscribers. ... Clickstream data includes each webpage that a user visits and the order in which the pages were viewed. (Source: ) Although the data is not sold with the corresponding user name and information, it is theoretically possible to tie the information to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) account. Cancel went on to say that his company earns ... (view more)

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AOL: Once You Join, You Can't Leave! has posted what appears to be an AOL customer service manual that details how company representatives are expected to handle users who wish to cancel their service. AOL phone reps are allegedly required to wear customers down into ... keeping their accounts by employing various questionable tactics -- including assaulting the user with a barrage of annoying sales pitches and asking invasive personal questions to get more information on file. One of the instructions listed in the AOL employee document: "KEEP DIGGING!!" AOL has declined to verify the legitimacy of the manual posted ... (view more)

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