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Last Call: Download Windows 7 RC Before August 15

Don't delay too long if you're thinking of downloading the highly sought after Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC). According to a recent statement from Microsoft, it plans to shut off the downloads on August 15. Installation After Cutoff Date The ... August cut off date -- about seven weeks from now -- doesn't mean that those who've downloaded the Windows 7 RC will all of a sudden lose the ability to use it. In fact, Microsoft says that it can still be installed even after that cut off date. "The [Release Candidate] download program closes August 15. After that, you won't be able to get the ... (view more)

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Windows 7 RC1 Arrives May 5th

Those anticipating Windows 7 , Microsoft's new operating system, will be happy to hear that the Redmond-based software giant will make its Release Candidate 1 (RC1) edition available soon. Starting May 5, Microsoft will provide Windows 7 RC1 through ... and There's been some confusion about the download date. Microsoft's Partner Program site not so long ago bragged that the Windows 7 Release Candidate was already available, luring users in with the promise that the build was available "now". However, as Ars Technica recently found out, that appears to be a typo and the full ... (view more)

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