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'30TB' Drive Was Brazen Scam

Walmart has stopped offering a 30TB portable hard drive that was listed on its website for $39. The third-party listing was not an unbelievable bargain but rather an audaciously cheeky scam. The supposed solid state drive (SSD) was listed on ... WalMart's site but sold and shipped by a third party. One security researcher found the same item from the same seller at the Chinese-base Ali Express for $31.40. Those familiar with the SSD market would recognize straight away that this was, to say the least, an implausible price. Most externals SSD ranges designed for the consumer market top out at 4TB ... (view more)

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The First 500GB Hard Drive Designed For a Laptop

Hitachi Ltd. will soon become makers of the most powerful hard drive ever designed for a laptop computer when they reveal their astounding 500-gigabyte drive later this week. The Travelstar 5K500 will be the highest capacity drive ever developed for ... a portable notebook computer and hopes to finally put an end to the ever-increasing consumer demand for more drive space (for now). To put into perspective just how much space comes with the new hard drives, the Travelstar 5K500 has the potential to store up to 500 hours of digital video, 178 standard-definition, feature length movies, 250 games ... (view more)

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Hitachi Unveils 'Nanoscale Hard Drive'

Hitachi has successfully reduced a major component found in most hard drives down to a nanoscale. If a "nanoscale hard drive" is able to complete all of the functions of a regular hard drive, the new technology will pave the way for higher capacity ... storage limits in the very near future. What this basically means is that those who use laptop computers, digital video recorders or portable music players will not have to worry about running out of storage space any time soon. The nanoscale hard drive can quadruple the storage space of a regular hard drive to 4 terabytes for desktop computers and ... (view more)

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