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Google to Make News More Positive with 'Good News'

Google is to launch a dedicated "good news" feature on its gadgets and services. It calls it "part of a balanced news diet." The good news in question is designed to avoid too much subjectivity. For example, the algorithm would have not have ... reported to Cleveland Indian fans that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series back in November of 2016. The category will not also cover the more traditional "good news" feature that appears at the end of some TV news broadcasts such as skateboarding ducks or lost kittens being found. While such stories are momentarily uplifting, they don't necessarily ... (view more)

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Movie Shrink and Burn 3 Review

Update 2013/01/21: We are absolutely delighted to announce that Ashampoo has agreed to reinstate a generous 35% discount for Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn 3 for all Infopackets Readers. This fabulous program not only shrinks and converts video ... files to another format, it also allows you to make your own custom DVDs. Makes a great gift and also great for archiving video permanently. Be sure to snap up this fine offer! But hurry - the 35% discount is a time-limited offer and expires Feb 11, 2013! Full 30 day money back guarantee is offered. The full review of Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn 3 ... (view more)

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Assigning Categories to Notes in MS Outlook

You can assign categories to notes, just as you can to any other Outlook item. Categorizing helps you organize your notes, particularly if you choose to view your Notes folder by category. You can assign multiple categories to each note. For ... example, you might assign a project category to a notes, a well as an Urgent category. Follow the steps below to assign categories to a note: Right-click the note and choose Categories, or select the note and choose Edit | Categories. In the Categories dialog box, select the applicable categories. If you do not see the categories you need, click Master ... (view more)

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HP's newest Energy Star PCs ship with Windows XP

Hewlett-Packard's (HP) newest energy star PCs won't ship with Windows Vista. In order to comply with the new Energy Star 4.0 business desktop computer standards, the Compaq dc5700, dc5750 and dc7700 will be loaded with Windows XP Pro, despite the ... fact the HP recommends Windows Vista Business. Ted Samson, a writer with InfoWorld , interviewed Todd Kruse, the global desktop product manager at HP. "We will introduce Windows Vista configurations that are Energy Star 4.0-ready in the near future. Because we were able to begin testing all the components including the 80% efficient power supply with ... (view more)

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