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Print .MP3 and Music CD compilation filenames?

Infopackets Reader Neal I. writes: " Hi Dennis! I have been reading most of your newsletters since below the 100,000-user subscription level and I find your articles to be very helpful. I may have missed a relevant article, but here is a problem to ... chew on: I have Windows XP Pro with all the Service Packs and updates, and an Epson cx5200 all-in-one printer ... I [have plenty of music that I have downloaded off the 'net and find that Media Player 9 is able to present me with a list of song tracks when I'm sitting in front of the computer, however], I wish to study the play list from the ... (view more)

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Acoustica CD Label Maker Review

I agree with the John Cusack character, Rob Gordon, from the movie High Fidelity: "there's nothing like a well constructed mix tape, or CD!" In the same respect, applying the right finishing touches -- like a colorful label and detailed track list ... -- makes an audio CD complete. What is Acoustica CD Label Maker? Acoustica CD Label Maker is perfect for printing custom label designs for CD and DVD discs and jewel cases. Acoustica CD Label Maker: Features Import art from stock graphics or use your own graphics: A large selection of stock images come bundled with the label maker, ... (view more)

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