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Null Character

The null character (also referred to as a null terminator) is a character with the value zero, and is used in nearly all mainstream computer programming languages. Use as String Terminator The character has special significance in C programming ... language and its derivatives, where it serves as a reserved character used to signify the end of strings, such as a sentence. The null character is often represented as the escape sequence '\0' in source code. Strings ending in a null character are said to be null-terminated. Security Exploit: Poison Null Byte The "poison null byte" was originally used ... (view more)

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Sega Genesis Collection Coming To PS2 and PSP

It has been almost seventeen years since the Sega Genesis launched in North America. The system featured some of the greatest gaming experiences ever, and even made Sega a household name. Now the boys behind Sonic the Hedgehog are planning to ... introduce almost 30 of its classics to a brand new audience. The Sega Genesis Collection is scheduled to be released for the PS2 and PSP this fall. "SEGA has always been, and will continue to be, an innovator of gaming technologies," said Scott A. Steinberg, SEGA of America's Vice President of Marketing. "The Genesis was the first 16-bit gaming system ... (view more)

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Format Painter: MS Word

MS Word's Format Painter is a very cool means of copying just the format of one word or paragraph, then pasting (or painting) it onto others. It's a shortcut that is very easy to master and pays off handsomely in a document with inconsistent ... formatting. Format Painter works on two levels: character and paragraph. You can copy just the character formatting -- fonts, font sizes, font attributes -- or character style from one word and apply it to other words. Or you can copy the paragraph formatting (line spacing, alignment, indentation, et al.) or paragraph style from one paragraph and apply it ... (view more)

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Windows Search Companion Rover Keeps Changing?

Infopackets Reader David J. writes: " Dear Dennis, I seem to have lost 'Rover The Dog' Search Companion (Start -> Search in Windows XP). Somehow, Rover got off his leash and has now been replaced with MSN Search. I would like very much to put ... Rover back onto the left side of my computer screen, as he has always been a faithful companion to me and my Dell computer that I bought back in 1998. The funny thing is: Rover is still on my 'Search for files and Folders' page, but not on some of my other pages. Can you help me in getting Rover to Stay? " My response: I've been asked this ( ... (view more)

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