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Microsoft Alters Windows 10 to Please China

Microsoft has finished work on a special edition of Windows 10 for Chinese users. It appears to be designed to keep the country's authoritarian government happy. The edition is known as Windows 10 Zhuangongban, which translates as Specially Provided ... Edition, and will be aimed mainly at government agencies and government-owned businesses. The new software is described in an article on Chinese website Caixin, though its unclear how free the site was to cover the news without either direct censorship or self-censorship. Software Meets 'Special Needs' Based on an automated Google ... (view more)

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Wikileak Docs: Chinese Gov't Coordinated Google Attack

Recently leaked US State department documents make the strongest claims yet that the Chinese government was behind attacks on Google systems late last year. The claims appear in a collection of 250,000 cables: confidential messages between the State ... department and the various United States consulates and embassies around the world. The collection appears on the controversial site, which publishes a wide variety of leaked material relating to many countries and from many sources, but has hit the headlines with large-scale leaks relating to military conflicts in Iraq and ... (view more)

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China-Google Settlement Hopes Fade, Denies Attacks

China has flat-out denied any involvement in recent hacking attacks on Google . China also said its regulation of Internet access and content is justifiable and fair. Google's Gmail email servers recently came under attack. It's speculated that ... hackers sent email to targets containing links to websites which contained a specially-crafted exploit in order to bypass Operating System security. Chinese Deny Google Attack There's no evidence to indicate who carried out the attacks. However, because the victims are believed to have included political activists, suspicion fell upon the Chinese ... (view more)

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Chinese Cyberspace Espionage Affects 103 Nations

A Canadian surveillance project has discovered that 1,295 computers in 103 countries have been the victims of an international band of hackers. If that isn't scary enough, there is now circumstantial evidence that suggests the Chinese government may ... have played a role. The 53-page report, submitted by the Information Warfare Monitor, a joint venture shared between the SecDev group of Ottawa and the University of Toronto, classified almost 30 percent of the infected machines as being of "high value", namely the databases of international embassies, ministries of foreign affairs and other ... (view more)

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