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Microsoft Abandons The Unusual 'Windows 10 S'

Microsoft is ditching a special version of Windows 10 that was based around security and low costs. That said, Windows 10 S had some major restrictions on the programs it could run. Though it will no longer be available as a standalone edition, it ... will now be included as an optional mode in some Windows computers. That means Microsoft is likely continuing to target schools with the option. To many analysts, Windows 10 S was Microsoft's take on the Google Chromebook range. The distinguishing feature of Windows 10 S was that it only ran apps that were downloaded and installed from the Windows ... (view more)

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Is a Chromebook Right for You?

With smartphones and tablets gaining extreme popularity thanks to low-cost production and ever-increasing CPU speeds, many users are looking at alternatives to Windows when it comes to being able to compute on the go. One system in particular is the ... ChromeBook (laptop) which is based on Google's Chrome operating system. Many major manufacturers produce Chromebooks, including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. As of September 2016 there were at least three dozen Chromebook models on the market. What is Chrome OS? Chrome OS is a somewhat similar, but separate operating system to Android ... (view more)

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New Dell Chromebook Boasts Unique Cloud Features

Dell has announced plans to launch its first 'Chromebook', a laptop using Google's Chrome operating system (OS). Dell's Chromebook will offer unique online storage features, including access to Wyse PocketCloud. Chromebooks are budget-priced laptops ... designed for people who mainly use their computers for working and surfing online. The devices run an OS that's effectively an enhanced version of the Chrome Internet browser. Because most of the actual processing work is done on Google computers, the hardware requirements of the Chromebook, and in turn its price, are much lower. Not having a full ... (view more)

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Google Slashes Price of its Chromebook Laptop

Google is cutting the price of its very own Chromebook laptop to $299. The new $299 puts it in the same price range as netbooks, the lowest cost version of computers with a physical keyboard, designed mainly for online activity. The Chromebook runs ... the Chrome operating system (OS), which is effectively an upgraded version of the better-known Chrome web browser. The device links directly to tools such as Gmail, the Google Docs office suite, and online image editing, requiring an Internet connection. Originally, all files were stored online, though an update earlier this year added support for ... (view more)

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Airlines Offer Free ChromeBooks Between Flights

In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, a few airlines have started lending out tech hardware to those who opt to fly with them. One of the first airlines to offer such a service was American Airlines, who continue to provide free in-flight ... Android tablets to patrons aboard a select number of their domestic flights. Now, Virgin America will soon allow their passengers to use a Samsung Chromebook, free of charge. Apps the Focus of Chromebook Service The Chromebook compliments the free WiFi service already offered by the airline, and since the Chrome OS uses the Internet as its interface ... (view more)

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