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State Could Ban Gov't Ransomware Payments

New York state senators want a legal ban on local governments paying ransomware demands. The bipartisanship move is based on the idea that paying up simply incentivises the attacks. Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts files on a hard ... drive so that they become unusable. Cyber criminals then demand a hefty ransom to unlock the files. Two state senators, one Democrat and one Republican, have each proposed broadly similar bills. They are currently in the committee stage and its likely that one will go ahead to a full vote of the New York State Senate. Both bills are based on similar ... (view more)

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Google to Roll Out Super-Speed Gigabit Broadband

Google has named 34 cities where it hopes to offer its super-fast broadband service. Google Fiber customers can get speeds as high as 50 times more than that which is currently offered by most cable providers. Typical Broadband Versus Google Fiber ... Typical Internet broadband over an ordinary copper phone line means speeds of a few megabits per second. For services over the same fiber-optic cables as cable TV companies, speeds of 10 to 20 megabits per second are more common. For a numbers comparison, a 10 megabit connection is equal to 1280 kilobytes per second. That said, Google Fiber offers ... (view more)

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Symantec Ranks Cities by Cyber Crime Threat: Report

Security company Symantec recently compiled a list naming the 50 most dangerous cities in the United States for cyber crime. Some of the top entries are big surprises. The rankings are based on those cities Symantec determined were most susceptible ... to a cyber attack, and factor in the number of high-risk activities and crimes committed in a particular state and city. The study wasn't all just about where cyber attacks take place, however. The study also also investigated other factors -- for example, if a city has a high use of public wireless Internet or network access (WiFi), hosts many ... (view more)

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Microsoft Pairs up Clinton Foundation to Save Environment

Some may wonder what former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, is doing for the world at the present time. The answer: saving the environment. The Clinton Foundation is known worldwide for its goals to supply health care, and to create economic growth; ... however, its most recent project tackles global warming. Clinton's foundation has teamed up with software giant, Microsoft, to develop software and services that can be used universally to monitor carbon emissions. Additionally, cities around the world will be able to communicate ideas about environmental protection. As an added bonus, the ... (view more)

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