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Windows 10 Cut and Paste to Get Overhaul

Users who regularly cut and paste in Windows may appreciate a forthcoming improvement. Windows 10 is getting an enhanced clipboard that makes it easier to find items other than text. The clipboard feature isn't widely publicized, but is already ... useful before the update. While pressing CTRL + V pastes text, pressing the Windows key + V opens the clipboard. This lets users quickly access the last 25 things they pasted, something that's particularly useful when working on multiple documents or heavily editing. However, the clipboard only stores items once the user switches on permission for it ... (view more)

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'Zolved Free Remote Control', and 'Clipboard Recorder Standard '

Zolved Free Remote Control Zolved Free Remote Control is a small tool that lets you share your PC desktop with someone remotely. You can allow view only, full control of your PC, or allow file browsing; also perfect for training, collaboration or ... having your kid fix your PC. ;-) Clipboard Recorder Standard Clipboard Recorder Standard saves all clips from the system clipboard for later use. You can then select and paste clipboard data from your history into any Windows application by using the Win+V hotkey, or a variety of other method. Clipboard Recorder ... (view more)

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CLCL: a Powerful Clipboard Manager

Working at a computer can be very distracting. I've read that most people only stay focused on a task for an average of six minutes while using a PC. Personally, I get distracted even more than that! And this is especially true whenever I'm cutting ... and pasting things from the web. Often times I copy a graphic into the clipboard, get distracted for awhile, and then overwrite the clipboard with something else. Fortunately, I've managed to find a solution to this dilemma. CLCL is a clipboard manager , or more aptly put: a clipboard extender. It keeps a history of the most recent items copied ... (view more)

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